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The RP Flooded Series from Green Mountain Battery is an industrial flooded battery lineup designed for large off-grid renewable energy applications. The RP Series boasts extra thick positive plates, Water-Miser vent caps, and an extended electrolyte reservoir which provides users heavy cycling, reduced watering maintenance and a long service life. Each RP Battery is installed into a heavy gauge Poly-plastic tray instead of a steel tray which eliminates tray corrosion...a one of a kind in the industry. Available in a variety of voltages and capacities. Contact us today to learn more about this product.


Green Mountain Battery is a complete battery supplier backed by the best manufacturers the industry has to offer. But what makes us special is not only having the best products, it is our knowledge, expertise and service. Our company staff is led by a fourth generation battery specialist, ensuring that product knowledge is at the forefront of what the customers are buying.

Headquartered in Milton Vermont, Green Mountain Battery directly services customers located in Vermont, Upstate New York, northern New Hampshire and Maine. Additionally, we provide speciality products throughout North America and abroad.

Our products and services cover a wide variety of market segments. We offer complete solutions to meet any battery need. Whether it's a battery for your car or set of batteries and charger for your golf cart, we have it. If you need to size a solar off-grid battery bank or change out batteries in your UPS system, we do it. When you have spent batteries that you need to dispose of, we recycle it. Batteries come in all sizes and technologies from lead acid AGM, Gel, flooded deep cycle, NiCAD, Lithium, etc.

Green Mountain Battery provides it all and beyond. Contact us today to find a solution to your need.

Green Mountain Battery is an independently owned battery specialist dedicated to providing only top quality products matched with exceptional service. We are proud to be a part of the Battery Alliance group for independent battery distributors.